About Me

I am a Ruby on Rails developer in Madison, WI. I have been using Rails for over 10 years now and love it. I can do everything from chopping up PSDs and creating front facing pages, through backend development, as well as server set up and administration.

I started programming with Python and Geoprocessing.  I used both for hobby as well as work.  I have used Python for geoprocessing in ArcToolbox in addition to wxPython for stand-alone GUI's.

Since then, I got into Ruby on Rails for web applications.  I did look into Django but I found it too difficult to learn.  I continued to learn RoR as a hobby until the opportunity came along for me to leave the big bad corporate world and become a Ruby on Rails developer full time.

My blog started as a help for Python and geoprocessing and has since morphed to cover many other topics.  Sometimes my posts are informational and sometimes they are just my opinions.

Bob Roberts

Ruby on Rails Developer